Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breast Cancer Battle Scars - Redirect

If you are seeing this message, you must have bookmarked and that's how you got here. I am still blogging about my breast cancer fight, however, to make it easier for breast cancer folks to find me in search engines, I created a new blog name and domain. Follow this link Breast Cancer Battle Scars to the new blog site. And then bookmark that one. And send your friends to that one :-)

You see, I started my blog, Froat Punch Friday, as an online journal to update my friends about what was going on with me and my cancer fight. My therapist said it would be good for me to journal. "Journal???" I asked. Who journals??? Well, a blog is like a journal, but online! So, that is how my blog began.

People have asked me why it was called Froat Punch Friday.

I am sure most of have heard the term "Throat Punch Thursday." Or if you haven't, google it. A lot of stuff comes up. I was fond of using the phrase as well. For example..."you can hit him in the throat today and get away with it, because it's Throat Punch Thursday." It seemed like all of my drama was happening on Fridays. My breast biopsy...on a Friday. Found out I had cancer...on a Friday. My mastectomy surgery...on a Friday. Started chemo...on a Friday. All chemo sessions...on Fridays. So, I named my blog Froat Punch Friday. In case you missed Throat Punch Thursday, you could always take advantage of Froat Punch Friday instead. And so Froat Punch friday was born.

After a few months of posting blog entries, I realized that other people, not just my friends, were readin my blog, and following my journey. I was also telling a lot more people about it, people in the cancer community. Other bloggers were linking to my blog. So, I decided I should have a name that was more easily identifiable as a breast cancer blog. I also wanted my blog to be found more easily in search engines when women were looking for blogs to read when newly diagnosed or struggling. That is how I found many of my favorite breast cancer blogs (and blogs about other topics as well).

And that, my dear readers, is how Breast Cancer Battle Scars was born.

Til next time...